Coating becomes an essential technology in pharmaceutical. During last 25 years, the coating layer has obviously undergone some changes. More improvement in coating technologies have been made to enhance higher quality of drug and its manufacturing operation.

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Tablet coating is the process of covering a dosage form with the excipient layers - this is a layer that protects the pill from external factors, including stomach acid, in order to prevent the transform of APIs inside, so that the drug will be absorbed according to the pharmacist's intention (according to the desired location for the drug to dissolve and absorb in the small intestine, large intestine or stomach, ...). With drugs that have an unpleasant taste, the excipients act as a "jacket" to cover up, making the use of the drug more pleasant.


There are many types of coating (sugar-coated, enteric-soluble, film-coated, quick release, slow-release, etc.) each has a different role, so depending on the purpose of preparation, we choose the type of excipients. In overall, the coating has the following effects:

  • - Helps protect tablets from hydrolysis in the acidic environment of gastric juice so that they can enter the small intestine to release and absorb drugs, increase bioavailability, cover against moisture, light, oxygen... to avoid direct contact of drugs. Exposure to the above elements in the air can change the drug.
  • - Concealing the taste of drugs, especially, bitter, very bitter, difficult-to-swallow APIs, the characteristic smell of some drugs may cause nausea to users.
  • - Avoid gastrointestinal irritation with drugs with a high risk of causing peptic ulcers on contact.
  • - Controlling drug release in dosage forms for long-acting, slow-release or targeted absorption sites according to the specific characteristics of the disease.
  • - The coating applied as a special symbol to distinguish one drug from another, avoid confusion in the process of distribution and use.
  • - There is no denying the aesthetic aspect of the capsule versus the uncoated. These pills are all smooth, color and form more beautiful than ever.

From these roles, excipients are now used more and more professionally to improve the effectiveness of treatment and attract users.

Coating Machine Tien Tuan



In a sugar coating, there is always a transformation of the coat exicipient from one pill to another when they are in contact during turbulent motion. As a result, the fluid is evenly distributed among the tablets. The uniformity of the coating is partly dependent on the delivery technique, but is largely due to the turbulent motion of the tablet. Because of the displacement of the coating between the pills, it is not necessary for each pills to pass through the affected area. The coatings shall be maintained in a liquid state until they are evenly distributed over the surface of all pills.

Each time the fluid is given, make sure that each tablet is wetted with fluid. Thus, the volume of excipient at each cycle must be gradually increased to accommodate the increase in tablet size during the coating process.

The coating chamber must have good blending ability and avoid dead spots (where the tablet are not moving, leading to the tablet not receiving the excipients).

At Tiến Tuấn, TCS-350 automatic coating machine meets both film and sugar coating requires.

Finished tablets are automatically mixed, the coating layer is evenly coated, avoiding dead spots, the quality of finished products always meet strict output standards.