EU-GMP Seminar

The Seminar “How to build pharmaceutical factory complying to EU-GMP?” held by Tien Tuan on August 18th 2017 at Meeting Room No. 2 – Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center , Ho Chi Minh City was a successful event and the topic gathered much attention from industrial specialists and experts from Vietnam pharmaceutical industry. 
The fact that the seminar attracted more than 120 attendants from various pharmaceutical trusted brandnames in Vietnam. Among them, almost all decision makers from registered companies visited the event. The statistics clearly demonstrates success of the Seminar and showed special interest of Vietnamese enterprises toward one of the highest and strictest standard in pharmaceutical industry, which is European standard.
Tien Tuan was very pleased to receive from our distinguished customers and partners their appreciation for all the effort we made for this Seminar and we believe that by our mission, all of our activities will add values to pharmaceutical industry both in Vietnam and worldwide. By doing that, Tien Tuan will accompany our customers in their journey toward EU-GMP.