Application of Laser technology in manufacturing pharmaceutical machine

Since 2007, TTP has pushed to invest in Forming, Nippling, Punching and Laser cutting line from Trump brand, Germany. This is the lastest technology on making sheet metal to create highly accurate and sophisticated mechanical parts that's unavailable on normal CNC machines.

Breakthough of investment in laser technology

Continual investment in new technology, especially laser cutting, TTP has really made a breakthrough for new machinery generation- the success of closed processing granulation line. Renovation in manufacturing technology has creasted a new product line with prominent features, TTP's product get CE certification, and comply to 21 CFR part 11 (FDA/ USA).

Application of Forming, Beading, Punching and Bending for “R” corner– making industrial design for product

New generation “Closed Processing & Packaging line” made by R- Bending, along with forming, beading, and punching technique, satisfies high requirement on design, hygience, ensuring cGMP guidelines in pharmaceutical industry.

With this new technology, equipment with corner are processed by Bending automatically, for the purpose of easy cleaning, preventing dust accumulation, easy for tight connection, so that equipment becomes precise and sophisticated, that makes a complete new difference.